Articles: Former Motley Fool Writer

Wrote 32 articles for The Motley Fool on finance and technology including:

Gartner: The Billion Dollar Quadrant

Revenge of the Software Customer

Investors and Markets

Hedge Fund Wizards

Bank Efficiency: Measure With Care


Software: Co-founder of ImpactMap

Co-founded and co-funded a Software as a Service start-up to bring simple, modern  software to the nonprofit sector. ImpactMap helps nonprofits plan programs, monitor outcomes, and visualize impact. Built around agile methodologies lean startup, and content marketing principles. No longer actively involved personally but I am happy to introduce economic-plus-social ROI investors to my co-founders. Please use the Contact Form.


Software: Vice President, Marketing, VOA

Commercialized an internal software development tool into a new kind of application lifecycle management (“ALM”) software product, called VOA. Built on semantic web technologies, VOA tied every action and artifact in a software development project to a business case and synchronized changes automatically. Product acquired by Exigen Insurance Solutions.