Everything You Need to Review a Business Case, Avoid Failed Projects, and Turn Technology into ROI

Most IT projects still fail to achieve their forecast business benefits.

Use The Business Case Checklist to avoid adding your technology project (and career) to the list of casualties.

This is the first professional-grade checklist that helps business case writers and ROI reviewers make faster decisions and better technology investments.. 

What Amazon readers say:

"This book is a brilliant application of checklists to the business case."

"I don't see anything in this book that is unnecessary; everything works toward establishing a high-quality baseline for evaluating the worth of IT investments."

"There are some pithy, memorable expressions throughout this very well-written book."

"Forces me to think about what is really important when making large IT investments."




How to Sell any IT Product, Project, Solution or Service

The One-Page Business Case provides a step-by-step guide to smarter, simpler selling that's unique in four ways.

  • Smart. Built around the latest developments in decision psychology, which means you can create the most persuasive case possible.
  • Simple. Pared down to the essentials, so, there's no distracting fluff in your business case. And, there's no wasted effort during the process of writing a business case.
  • Short. Helps you create a concise, but rigorous, single-page business case that's easy to communicate and understand.
  • Serious. Supports professionals who want real results from their projects, product, and services.

This is not the book for spin sellers, half-truth pushers, loose-analysis lovers, or big-plan speculators.

But, if you want to win funding for your project (or product or service), drive real results, and differentiate your business case (and yourself), then, The One-Page Business Case is for you.