Top litigator's lessons over cocktails

David Boies is one of the top trial lawyers in the U.S. His cases include Bush v. Gore and United States v. Microsoft.

Lessons in persuasion from a fine article Cocktails with David Boies

"What I have to do is change people's minds. You very rarely change people's minds yelling at them...To change people's minds, you have to talk to them."
"I will outwork the other side every time."
"The other thing is patience. I'm very patient. I will wait for the right opportunity. I don't try to make things happen or feel frustrated or impatient. Part of it is patience to develop your story in a way that maybe is not the most dramatic story in the beginning, but yours build over time."
Interviewer, Katrina Dewey: "You also have the confidence to extract that one thing about a case, which may seem odd or underplayed to a lawyer who wants to say there are 53 important things."
"If you understand your job is to be the one that the 12 jurors follow, then you can win your case."